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How Crisp is your pickle?
Creating delicious edibles & condiments from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Window Licker Cannery started out with Laurie’s love of gardening & Scott’s quest of making the perfect pickled veggie’s for his Bloody Mary’s. Before we knew we were sharing our love of gardening & canning with you and our family.

Dill Pickles

Delicious Wonders

Our home grown cucumber’s are processed the same day they are picked for maximum freshness.  These little delicious wonders are hand packed into jars by size.  Making sure you get the most pickles per jar.  Available in hot or mild.  A must have for every sandwich or Bloody Mary.  Quart Jars only.

Bread & Butter Pickles

What goes in 'em

Bringing you the taste that grandma used to make with the right amount or sweetness.  We hand slice the cucumber a little thicker to make sure you get a good crunch with every bite.  Available in mild or try the hot for a little extra heat on your favorite sandwich.

Dilly Beans

Dilly Beans

Hand Picked Dillys

Who doesn’t love a garden fresh bean pickled to perfection?  Our beans are hand selected to make sure you get the right texture and crunch.

Hot Dilly Beans

What makes 'em Dilly

Who doesn’t love a garden fresh bean pickled to perfection?  Our beans are hand selected to make sure you get the right texture and crunch.  Seasoned to give you the right amount of heat with every bite.

Spicy Garlic Pickle Chunks

Spicy Garlic Pickle Chunks

Stay Away. I Dare You.

What a wonderful array of flavor bursting out of this jar.  Lots of roasted garlic paired with the sweet heat of chili peppers.  This addicting pickle chunk will have you coming back for more.  There’s no way you can eat just one.

Pickled Asparagus

Pickled Asparagus

A Delicious Snack

Well a great Bloody Mary would just not be great without a spear of Pickled Asparagus.  So welcome to the team.

Spicy Asparagus Bites

Pickled Asparagus Chunks

Flavor & Heat

Here’s a tasty little wonder that bites back.  Imagine the tangy and sweetened taste of pickled asparagus followed up with the kick of habanero heat on the finish. It will raise some eyebrows at your next party. 

Pickled Garlic

Pickled Garlic

Love Pickles? Love Garlic?

These sweet and spicy little wonders are sure to jazz up any salad or add some flavor to your Bloody Mary.

Pickled Mushrooms

Pickled Mushrooms

Estonian Approved

I made these to add to the skew of my own Bloody Mary.  Who knew that Laurie would add them to the table and that they would be such a big hit.  You will get a great tangy flavor with a hint of heat and cracked black pepper.  Try adding this to your vodka martini.

Wimpy Salsa

Wimpy but full o' flavor

Are you that person that is big on flavor and can’t stand the heat.  Then you will love this salsa made with fresh hand cut vegetables blended to perfection.  Giving you great fresh flavor without the heat.

Medium Salsa

Salsa ingredients

 Home grown vegetables from our garden seasoned just right with the added kick of a fresh jalapeno will liven up any get together with friends.

Hot Salsa

What makes it hot

Our hot salsa is made with all the same great home grown vegetables with a blend or jalapeno and serrano peppers to kick up the heat.  For those that like the heat, this will go great with your favorite chip.

Peach Hot Pepper Jelly

Spicey, peachy...

Peaches, jalapenos…goes just as good on a cracker as it does on fish. Spread it on whatever you want to taste sweet and spicy.

Cherry Jalapeno Jam

Sweet cherry, a little spice

The sweet flavor of seasoned cherry won’t burn you and can make for a wonderful compliment to almost any summer dish.

Maple Siracha

Whatcha got on the grill?

 We love slathering chicken wings & drummies with this sweet and spicy Sriracha before it hits the grill.

Sauer Kraut

The traditional way

Our kraut is made the old traditional way.  Hand shredded and pounded into an old stone crock and then fermented to the perfection.  Our jars are hand packed so tight you will have to dig it out with a fork.  Home grown cabbage and salt is all you’re getting from us.  No added preservatives or liquid to fool you.  Just good old fashioned flavor and crunch.

Hot Banana Pepper Mustard

It's popular - see why

Here is one of our most popular products.  Homegrown banana peppers blended into a honey mustard with a sneak up behind you heat.  There are so many uses for this great flavor you won’t know where to stop.  Serve it as a pretzel dip. Spice up that ham sandwich.  Try it at you next cookout on burgers and brats.  It is also a great dipping sauce for chicken wings.  The heat comes from my very own habanero pepper dust added to every jar.

Whole Grain Beer Mustard

Did someone say beer?

Here is a fabulous mustard for making a great sandwich.  We blend a perfect combination of yellow and brown mustard seed, locally brewed beer and locally sourced honey.  A little fermenting later and we have a great lightly sweetened German mustard that flies off the shelf.

Chipotle Hot Sauce

Chipotle Hot Sauce

Explodes the senses.

Chipotle Hot Sauce: Now this sauce really explodes the senses.  As soon as you open the bottle you get hit with a great auroma of smoked peppers.  Then the terrific smokey flavor balanced out with the sweetness of a little brown sugar and lime juice.  What a great addition to pizza, chili, or a burger.

Sriracha Hot Sauce

There's flavor in there

Here is one of my favorites to make.  I start by hand selecting the perfect jalapeno and serrano pepper waiting until they are ripened to a perfect red.  Ground and fermented in a stone crock until it reaches the right texture.  There you have it, a hot sauce with a subtle medium heat bursting with flavor.

Cherry Ghost Hot Sauce

Cherry Ghost Hot Sauce

Warm Cherry & Heat!

You’re going to start out with the warm cherry at the beginning.  It will make you think that you’re in for a sweet treat, and then…….the heat will come on.  You will keep eating it because you want more.  Before you know it, you will be a snotty sweaty mess.  Oh yea, you’ll get a hint of bourbon on the finish.  Are you ready for the ride?

Honey Reaper

Reaper Honey

A Sauce for Professionals

This great sauce carries everything you’ve feared about the Carolina Reaper.  If you’re into the heat and the long lasting burn of the Reaper, then you will love this sauce.  It starts out as a nice sweet honey flavor with hints of garlic, onion, and coriander.  All the while, the heat is climbing up on you, getting ready to ruin your day.  At first glance you are thinking that it is not so bad.  But as the heat increases and hangs around forever.  You might begin to regret your decision.  Truly a sauce for the professional.  Good Luck! 

Peach Habanero Hot Sauce

Wimps: Stay on the bus.

Peach Habanero Hot Sauce:  When you have the taste for a hotter sauce, why not balance it out with some juicy sun ripened Colorado Peaches.  This sauce brings the heat so the wimps need to stay on the bus.  Try this on your next turkey wrap or grilled chicken

Scorpion Lava Hot Sauce

Scorpion Lava Hot Sauce

Not for the Timid

I can’t explain this demon other than it is a “Straight punch in the mouth.”  Right from the start I’m hating myself for even tasting it.  You look at all the fresh ingredients and think how bad can it be?  Well it’s just plain mean.  Enjoy!

Peach Salsa

Great Flavors

Peach Salsa:  We stepped out of the box on this great flavor combination of sweet yellow tomatoes and peaches.  Balanced out with red onion, jalapeno’s, garlic, and fresh cilantro.  Don’t be surprised if you catch someone trying to lick the jar clean.

Yellow Scorpion Salsa

Yellow Scorpion Salsa

The Best Salsa- Hotter

All of the fresh ingredients to make the best salsa.  Then add the Yellow Scorpion Pepper.  This pepper comes in at 800,000 to 1.2M scoville’s.  So you know it is packing some heat.  Let’s put it this way, “You’ll want to eat the whole jar.  But you just can’t.”

Fresh Local Flavor

In Every Jar

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 My whole family LOVES the spicy bread and butter pickles.

They are so crunchy with a little zing from the habaneros. Yum!!!

– Linda Palmquist


I just finished my hot pickels and now I wait until next year!

– Jay Keckhaver


Jalepeno jelly is outstanding, WLC has a lot of really great recipes,
give them a try!

– Brian Johnson

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