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Window Licker Cannery

Scott and Laurie Weber

We hope our products bring as much joy to your family as it does to ours.

Scott and Laurie’s Story:
Laurie grew up on a hobby farm in northern Minnesota where her love of gardening, pickling and canning began. As a child she planted, harvested and processed the vegetables with her family. Laurie studied Greenhouse –Flower shop Management at North Dakota State University – Bottineau Branch where her real love for gardening blossomed.

In 2006 we dug our 1st garden together along with our children with hopes of filling the pantry with some great canned fruits and vegetables as Scott aspired to create the perfect pickled veggies for his famous Bloody Mary’s.

We planted, harvested and processed the fruit and vegetables we grew for several years and kept everyone within our family and friend circle filled with a plethora of goodies.

Scott found his passion for pickling with recipes handed down from his family, along with creating his own recipes. Dark and Spicy Mustard, Banana Pepper Mustard, and Peach Hot Pepper Sauce are some great flavors Scott has put together.

In 2012 we began to share our growing and pickling talents in the Ashland area at various farm markets and festivals.

In 2018 we purchased a larger property with more acreage which is where the Window Licker Cannery is currently located with plans to put up several high tunnels to lengthen their growing season and ultimately increase production of all your Window Licker Cannery favorites.

In 2019, with a lot of guidance and little push from the Ashland Area Development Corp. We launched the WindowLickeryCannery.com website.

We also purchased our 1st High Tunnel that is being used during the 2020 growing season.

Our growing season generally starts in Mid January when Laurie start thousands of seeds by hand that are broadcast seeded and upon germination transplanted and nurtured until they are ready to be put in the ground. We grow 90% of all of the products we make. We use other local farmers at times when the need arises.

We grow 90% of all of the products we make. We use other local farmers at times when the need arises.

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